January 2016 Meeting

And so it begins. Again.

January 28th 2016 saw the final meeting of the Brewdoo Homebrew Club and Chester Brew Crew (boooo!), but fortunately, otherwise this would have been a very short blog, it also signified the first meeting of something even more awesome…
Cheshire Brew Crew was born! (huzzah!)

Somewhat strangely for the members of both groups a healthy dollop of ‘organisation’ was injected into this meeting. Contact details were collected to allow for easier communication in the future, the new club name was agreed, the inaugural Spring Competition was set and we even still had time left over to sample ten of the best homebrewed beers being drunk in Cheshire that evening! 10! Brilliant!


Spring 2016 Competition
The first Cheshire Brew Crew Spring Competition was named ‘Recipe Roulette’. Each member picked at random a Hop and an Additive. The Hops were fairly straight forwards but the additives came from a very varied selecting which included Coffee, Chilli, Basil, Tea, Star Anise amongst others! It will be down to the participants as to whether they brew a full All Grain batch of their beer, or brew from a kit. They can pick whatever style of beer they wish, with just one specification:

The finished beer must taste of BOTH your ingredients

Luckily for most of the entrants (and our guest judges) there were no truly shocking sounding combinations pulled out the hat, though there are a couple that may prove a little challenging!

  • Ben: Amarillo & Orange Peel
  • Neil: Chinook & Tea
  • Bill: Citra & Star Anise
  • Charlie: Sorachi Ace & Ginger
  • Chris W: Cascade & Chocolate
  • Pete: Galena & Coffee
  • Chris B: Galaxy & Oak Chips
  • Lloyd: Fuggles & Liquorice
  • Greg: Northern Brewer & Vanilla

The competition will be judged at the March meeting on 31st March and there are a selection of prizes up for grabs kindly donated by the folks at Malt Miller, BrewUK and iMake (who make the Grainfather)(it’s not a Grainfather – sorry!)

The Beer List
Of course the main focus of the night was Beer! A varied selection of samples was provided for tasting and without exception they were all great examples of what can be produced from the comfort of your own home!

January’s Beers:

  • Ben: Brewers Gold SMASH and Jasmine IPA
  • Bill: Honey IPA
  • Pete: Cascade Pale Ale
  • Charlie: US-Hefeweisen and a Cherry Smoked Imperial stout
  • Chris W: American Pale Ale (Columbus, Cascade, Chinook)
  • Lloyd: American Pale Ale (Amarillo, Columbus, Falconers Flight) and a Stout

Pete also brought along a bottle of Brimstage Breweries 1000th Brew Special Edition for us to try. There is no doubt in my mind that the Cherry Smoked Imperial Stout from Charlie was the “Beer of the Night”. It was an absolutely amazing combination of ingredients and definitely something that I have been inspired to attempt in the future. Well done that man!


In the beginning…

In the beginning there was beer. Beer was good. – Extract from the Gospel of Beer.

Welcome to the new shiny homepage for the Cheshire Brew Crew.

We are a homebrew club based at Cellar Bar in Chester, Cheshire and have been formed as a merger between two local homebrew clubs the Brewdoo Homebrew Club and Chester Brew Crew. Created initially in 2013/14 we now meet regularly (on the last Thursday of the month, 7:30pm) to share our beers, knowledge, recipes, beers, tips, advice, beers and generally talk all things beer and homebrewing related! The eagle-eyed amongst you may spot there is a recurring theme there!

We are always keen to welcome new members to the club so if you are already an established homebrewer or are just interested in taking your first steps into probably the most addictive hobby out there then please drop us a line or pop down to our next meeting and say hello! Chances are there’s a beer in it for you!