June 2016 Meeting

Back to reality!

After the excitement of travelling to Liverpool last month June was back to a good ol’ straight forward homebrew tasting session. Joining us this month were Barry (from http://www.homebrewboat.co.uk), who just happened to be moored on the canal around the corner from the Cellar Bar, Barry (from the boat next door) and Barry’s dog Rico, and also Joshua from Chester’s Homebrew Shop (http://www.chesterbrewing.co.uk).

Proceedings started with the presentation of Charlie’s prize for winning the Liverpool Brewdog competition last month. A bottle of Stone’s Brett aged IPA. Very nice indeed!

Congratulations Charlie!

The Beer List

Another brilliant selection of beers this month which was headed up by Ben and Neil from Liverpool homebrew club showcasing some of the beer line up for their shiny new commercial brewery, Top Rope Brewing! Good luck guys (but based on the quality of these offerings you won’t need much luck to become successful pro-brewers!)

June’s Beers:

  • Ben (S): Hefeweizen and Pilsner
  • Top Rope Brewing (Ben J and Neil): Orange Soda Goze, Overkill IPA and the 4 Horsemen of the Choc-opalypse.
  • Neil: 5AM Saint Clone
  • Charlie: Cherry Kriek, Basil & Chestnut Wheat
  • Guy: Pale Ale (Fuggles & Bramling X) and English IPA
  • Mark: Chocolate & Coffee Milk Stout

… and that was June done and dusted. Thanks to our guests for joining in the fun and hopefully we’ll sort something special out for a future meeting.

We’re back at Cellar Bar on July 28th for another ‘mostly normal’ tasting session. See you there!

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