August 2016 Meeting

Obviously the July meeting turned out to be so cataclysmically brilliant that I forgot to write it up on the website! Ho-hum…

… but anyway! Onwards to August!

August was a very quiet affair with just myself, Charlie, and the Top Rope Brewing guys Neil and Ben who were enjoying their final visit as ‘just’ homebrewers! The small crowd didn’t detract from the occasion though and another brilliantly varied selection of beers were available.

August’s Beers:

  • Ben (S): Jasmine’s IPA, Black Jai-P-A, Steam Beer
  • Top Rope Brewing (Ben J and Neil): Aw Here It Goze, Overkill IPA, Ryecentenial Brown Ale and AB Pale
  • Neil: Summer Pale, Brown Ale
  • Charlie: Cranberry Wheat, Kait’s Toalla Hippy Travels Stout

… Charlie even brought in a dried Cocoa pod and some Indonesian Long Peppers (Google them!) to demonstrate some of the ingredients in his 2nd beer!

August done! We’re back at Cellar Bar on September 29th for another session and to discuss our Winter competition plans. See you there!


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