November 2016 Meeting

Clearly there is no better way to spend a cold November evening than getting together with a bunch of like-minded people and sink a few good beers! That certainly seemed to be the case this month as we had 10 people down for the November meeting bringing with them an amazing selection of beers.

November’s Beers:

  • Ben (S): Russian Imperial Stout
  • Mark: Rye Saison, Tropical Saison
  • Guy: Toffee Apple Pale Ale
  • Simon: Fig/Date Stout, Belgian Punk
  • Ed: Simcoe & Citra Pale Ale
  • Charlie: Zadar Croatian Honey & Maraschino Imperial Stout, Smoked Raspberry, Quince & Chilli Ale
  • Top Rope Brewing: ‘Born to Lose’- New England Session IPA

Amongst all the beers above, Charlie pushed the boat out again with an amazing Zadar Croatian Honey & Maraschino Imperial Stout – where does he get these ideas from?? I brought along my 2015 Russian Imperial Stout that was now 18 months in the bottle (and significantly better behaved than the gushers we tried to sample last November!) and Mark supplied two Saisons – the first was a Rye Saison full of spicy peppery notes and the latter was a tropical New Zealand Saison crammed with fruity hoppy amazingness! It was a tough call to pick an overall beer of the night, but I think the Tropical Saison just about got the most plaudits in the end!

December’s meeting falls in the week between Christmas and New Year so the exact dates will be confirmed nearer to the time!

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