Brew of the month – October 2016

November’s Brew of the Month award was so well received that I had a number of requests for October’s winner to get a write up too!

In October the meeting was held at the Brewhouse & Kitchen Bar and one of the many beers sampled that evening was a Blood Orange IPA brought along by newcomer Ed who had brewed the to offer at his own wedding. It came in a specially labelled bottle and was really something quite special!

That’s just showing off!!


Ed’s recipe for the Blood Orange IPA is:

  • 14.75kg American 2-Row malt (85% of grain bill)
  • 1.6kg Flaked Wheat (9% of grain bill)
  • 1.2kg Crystal malt (20L) (6% of grain bill)
  • 55g Columbus Hops @ 60 mins
  • 25g Citra Hops @ 15 mins
  • 25g Citra Hops @ 5 mins
  • 86g Citra Hops @ flame out
  • 2 vials Wyeast 1056 yeast
  • 85g Citra Hops and 55g Galaxy Hops @ 7day Dry Hop
  • 1.2l Blood Orange juice & Zest added to FV @ 7days

Ed’s recipe is scaled for a 56l brew length and these grain weights are approximate as he only supplied me with percentages and the OG to aim for! If you want to brew this recipe please make sure you plug these numbers into your own brewing software to ensure they stack up for your system!

Ed used a simple infusion mash at 66C for 60 minutes and ended up with an OG of 1.074. The FG for this beer was 1.018 giving an ABV of 7.4% but this is totally disguised by the late additions of all that Citra and the Blood Orange juice and this drinks like a session IPA! Danger! Danger!

Ed’s Blood Orange IPA

Congratulations Ed for your Brew of the Month award and I know this is definitely a recipe that I’ll be trying out in the future! Cheers!

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