2018: The year in review…

… and we’re back!!!

Ok, so strictly we were never gone, life just conspired against me to make sure that I just didn’t have the time to write about our meets on here to tell anyone otherwise!

In review of 2018; our Recipe Roulette competition took a well earned break for this year, we welcomed a few new faces to our club, we took a road trip to Brewcon London in November and most importantly beer was brewed! More beer than you can shake a stick at, and the quality of it all was truly inspiring! All in, it was a brilliant year! Roll on 2019!

More details will come in the coming months but as a sneak peak here is what to look forward to from us next year!

  • More Beer!
  • More venues!
  • More Competitions! Recipe Roulette 2019 and another closely guarded secret competition later in the year!
  • More Road trips! Brewcon 2019 and maybe more…
  • More T-Shirt designs & Merch!

See you in 2019!