January 2019 Meet (Part 1)

Off to a freezing cold start in 2019 with our belated Christmas Meet, kindly hosted this week by Beer Heroes Chester! From those that braved the cold we had quite a varied selection of beers being showcased this month.

January’s Beers (Part 1)

Charlie: Birch Sap Pale, Mulberry Pale, Raspberry Ripple Pale
Ben: Jaipur Clone, Simcoe & Chilli DIPA, Epic Pale Ale
Ivor: Northdown IPA v1, Northdown IPA v2, Strawberry Northdown IPA, Barley Wine

Ivor brought a selection of beers made on his new brew kit. Three variations of a Northdown, Challenger & Fuggles IPA and also a new Barley Wine.

I delved deep into the bottle stores and brought along a selection of old beers brewed in 2017/2018. Some had lasted better than others and it was clear that glass bottles were far better for long term storage than plastic. The two beers stored plastic bottles had not aged successfully to say the least!

Charlie brought along three variations of his green hopped Pale Ale. The first flavoured with Birch sap, the second with Mulberries and the third he named as a Raspberry Ripple Pale. Loaded with nearly 1.5kg of fruit per litre and sweetened with custard powder this was a real crowd pleaser and rightly the winner for the first ‘Brew of the Month’ award of 2019!


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