February 2019 Meeting

Oof!!! What an evening…

The decision to write this blog post so early the morning after may turn out to be a mistake!

February’s meet was a busy one; 9 people, 19 beers, 1 great evening and 1 even greater hangover!

February’s Beers

  • Nicki: Double Grapefruit IPA (5.8%), Not a Christmas Beer (?.?%)
  • Ivor: Barley Wine (9%), Citra Pale (4.5%), Raspberry Pale (4.5%
  • Chris: Amber Willy (4.9%), Best Bitter (4.2%), Blackberry Stout (5%), Chilli Stout (5%)
  • Charlie: Ginger & Sorachi Ace IPA (?.?%), Three Bean Stout (12%)
  • Guy: Saison (4.6%), Chilli Porter (5.3%), Braggott (12%)
  • Graham: Porter (5.7%)
  • Ed: Bourbon Aged Stout (15%), Coffee Stout (15%), Coconut Stout (15%)
  • Ben: Imperial Stout 2015 (9%)

The quality of beers on offer this month was truly exceptional! Nicki’s Double Grapefruit IPA, Chris’s Chilli Stout, Charlie’s Three Bean Stout, Guy’s Braggot, and Ed’s selection of Stout’s are all worthy of mention and each of them could have won Brew of the Month on any other occasion!
The victor though, with 4 votes, was Charlie’s Three Bean Stout. Cacao, Tonka Bean and Coffee, all blended into a barrel aged, 12% Stout. Absolutely fantastic. Well done Charlie!

Keep your eyes peeled for the recipe coming soon!

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