Club Constitution

 Cheshire Brew Crew Homebrew Club Constitution

  1. Name

The club will be called Cheshire Brew Crew.

  1. Aims and objectives

The aims and objectives of the club will be:

  • To engage in social activities focused on home brewing and/or craft beer as a common foundation.
  • To learn more about beer, beer evaluation, and brewing techniques.
  • To promote the hobby and enjoyment of home brewing.
  • To promote the responsible use and enjoyment of alcoholic beverages.
  • To educate others of the methods of craft beer and of craft brewers.
  • To ensure a duty of care to all members of the club
  • To provide all its services in a way that is fair to everyone
  • To ensure that all present and future members receive fair and equal treatment
  1. Membership

All members will be subject to the regulations of the constitution and by joining the club will be deemed to accept these regulations and codes of conduct that the club has adopted.

  • General Membership is unlimited and open to any individual person interested in the advancement of homebrewing, and who will support the charter and basic policies of this club, subject only to compliance with the provisions of the By-Laws.
  • Only members of the club shall be eligible to participate in its business meetings, or serve in any of its elective or appointed positions.
  • The purpose of General Membership is to provide guidance and assistance to the Club Officers on issues that are within the purview, charter, and function of the club.
  • General Membership provides an opportunity to give feedback on issues and concerns that need to be brought to the attention of the Club Officers.
  • Affords a pool of members to draw from for the election of the Club Officers, and all members a vote in the annual election of that board.
  • Membership in this club shall be available without discrimination.
  • All persons of legal age to consume alcoholic beverages in the United Kingdom are eligible for membership.

Membership fees

  • Membership fees will be set annually and determined at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Fees will be paid monthly on attendance at club meetings. No fees will be due if the meeting is not attended.
  1. Officers of the club

The officers of the club will be:

  • Chair

Officers will be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.

  1. Committee

The club will be managed through the Management Committee consisting of all defined Officers and all members of the General Membership.

The Management Committee will be convened by the Chair of the club and held no less than 11 times per year.

The Management Committee will be responsible for adopting new policy, codes of conduct and rules that affect the organisation of the club.

The Management Committee will be responsible for disciplinary hearings of members who infringe the club rules/regulations/constitution. The Management Committee will be responsible for taking any action of suspension or discipline following such hearings.

  1. Finance

All club monies will be banked in an account held in the name of the club.

The Chair of the club will be responsible for the finances of the club.

The financial year of the club will end on: 31st December.

An audited statement of annual accounts will be presented by the Chair of the club at the Annual General Meeting.

  1. Meetings


  • General meetings of the Cheshire Brew Crew shall be held monthly at 7:30PM on the last Thursday of each month unless changed by a majority of the Management Committee and upon written or electronic notice of the change to the members. The meeting location will be determined by the board and announced in advance.


  • The Annual Meeting shall be the General Meeting in January each year for the purpose of electing Club Officers, considering proposed By-Law Amendments and conducting other regular meeting business.


  • Special meetings, club sponsored events, club involved parties, field trips, workshops, and pub-crawls may be organized and approved. Announcements will be made to all current members. There may be additional requirements or fees involved in these types of meetings.

The AGM will receive a report from the Chair of the club and a statement of the audited accounts.

  1. Discipline and appeals

All complaints regarding the behaviour of members should be submitted in writing to the Club Chair.

The Management Committee will meet to hear complaints within 7 days of a complaint being lodged. The committee has the power to take appropriate disciplinary action including the termination of membership.

The outcome of a disciplinary hearing should be notified in writing to the person who lodged the complaint and the member against whom the complaint was made within 7 days of the hearing.

There will be the right of appeal to the Management Committee following disciplinary action being announced. The committee should consider the appeal within 7 days of the Secretary receiving the appeal.

  1. Dissolution

A resolution to dissolve the club can only be passed at an AGM or EGM through a majority vote of the membership.

In the event of dissolution, any assets of the club that remain will become the property of the active Management Committee at that time. Each Committee member will receive an equal share of any dissolved assets.

  1. Amendments to the constitution

The constitution will only be changed through agreement by majority vote at an AGM or EGM.