Brew of the month – August 2017

Brew of the month!!!

A very tightly contested August vote off saw three different beers going for Brew of the Month! My Rye Saison, Mark’s Cloudwater Double IPA clone and Ed’s NEIPA. Ed’s NEIPA just sneaked ahead by 1 vote to win August’s award! Congratulations Ed!


Ed’s recipe for the NEIPA is:

  • 6kg Pale malt
  • 1.4kg Oats
  • 0.5kg Wheat malt
  • 0.22kg Cara malt
  • 0.47kg Dextrine
  • 0.3kg Dextrose
  • 20g Columbus Hops @ 60 mins
  • 100g Citra Hops @ 0 mins
  • 100g Citra Hops @ day 2 Dry Hop
  • 100g El Dorado Hops @ day 4 Dry Hop
  • 100g Citra Hops @ day 4 Dry Hop
  • 100g El Dorado Hops @ day 6 Dry Hop
  • 100g Mosaic Hops @ day 6 Dry Hop
  • 1pkt Wyeast 1318 London Ale III Yeast

Ed brewed this to a 30L brew length and reports an OG of 1.072 and FG of 1.014 giving a final ABV of 7.6%. The 3 stage Dry Hop process builds the juicy hop aromas and creates that ‘murk’ typical of the style though with over 600g of hops in this beer it’s quite an expensive one to make! That said, it is absolutely worth brewing this beer as Ed’s NEIPA is just as good, if not better, than most of the commercially brewed examples available in this country! Yes, it really is ‘that’ good!