Brew of the month – November 2016

Brew of the Month!!!

Starting this month I thought it would be great to give some recognition to the brew which the consensus of the group considered the best beer sampled that session. Of course, me being me, I meant to do this a couple of months ago but instead left it until November, when the standard of beers brought along was phenomenal and the decision for Brew of the Month wasn’t as clear cut as it might have been previously!

Fortunately the split decision between Brew 1 and Brew 2 was made a lot simpler as both beers came from the same brewer, so it is nice and easy to say that the round of applause this month goes to…. Mark!

Mark brought along two Saisons to our November meeting. The first was a Rye Saison which was full of peppery spice and certainly ticked a lot of boxes for some of the group. The second was a Tropical Saison laden with New Zealand hops giving it a massive Citrusy fruity kick! Rye isn’t to everyone’s taste and as that beer split the group a little bit the award this month goes to the Tropical Saison!

Mark’s Tropical Saison


Mark’s recipe for the Tropical Saison is:

  • 4kg Dingemanns pils
  • 0.3kg Dingemanns wheat
  • 0.4kg Weyermann vienna
  • 27g Rakau Hops @ 60 mins
  • 40g Motueka Hops @ 10 mins
  • 20g Rakau Hopsat @ 5 mins
  • 30g Motueka Hops @ flame out.
  • 1packet Mangrove Jacks French Saison M29 yeast
  • 30g Motueka Hops and 30g Rakau Hops @ 8day Dry Hop

Mark brews on a Grainfather and this recipe was scaled for 20l final volume as he was planning for a quick brew day and this would fit nicely in a Corny keg and avoid any bottling! He makes good use of the Grainfathers high efficiency rates. OG was 1.050 and FG 1.003 making the ABV 6.2%

So there we go! The inaugural Brew of the Month award is, uh, awarded! I hope you enjoy brewing this recipe as much as we enjoyed sampling it! Congratulations Mark, we’re looking forward to seeing what you brew next!